Are you a talented Australian, passionate about this country and with the desire to contribute to its future?

Then you should apply for the Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholarship. This scholarship will give you the opportunity to develop world-class leadership and management skills by undertaking the intensive one-year MBA programme at Cranfield School of Management, UK.

This Scholarship is the pre-eminent opportunity for outstanding Australians with diverse work, educational and life experiences and who possess the entrepreneurial and leadership talents to benefit from the learning opportunity and contribute to Australia’s future.

The Cranfield Australian Alumni community are driven by the ethos of contribution and notion of ‘pay it forward’. We, as Cranfield alumni, have benefited from our Cranfield experience and are now helping the next generation of talented Australians, who in turn, will help others follow them.

Funded jointly by Cranfield Alumni in Australia and the Cranfield School of Management, UK, the Scholarship was established in 2005 to give talented Australians the opportunity to accelerate their professional, personal and leadership development.

Distinctly Different

The Cranfield Australian Alumni Scholarship is distinctly different from the other notable scholarships available to Australians for overseas study, e.g., Rhodes, Menzies, Fulbright and Sir John Monash scholarships. All of these excellent scholarships have a strong research and academic focus emphasis and eligibility criteria and are oriented to postgraduate level research candidates.

By comparison, our Scholarship is aimed not at theoretical or research-based study—although we see it complementing the important endeavours of those other scholarships. Rather, our Scholarship is aimed at the acquisition and then practical application of knowledge to leadership and management. Our focus is to identify and develop candidates with business management, leadership and/or entrepreneurial talent.

For this reason, our scholarship is also open to applicants who may not have completed an undergraduate degree, but have demonstrated through exceptional work track record that they have the intelligence, talent and persistence to do well.

Pay it Forward

We, as Alumni, have benefited from our Cranfield experience and are now helping the next generation of talented Australians to gain access to the exceptional management and leadership development that the Cranfield MBA offers.

We expect those that we help to, in turn, help others to follow in their footsteps.

We ask those who benefit from the scholarship to ‘pay it forward’ in any way that best works for them, that is by contributing time, effort, money or resources. As a minimum, we expect Scholarship winners to:

  • Promote the Scholarship amongst their professional and personal networks
  • Write a blog during their time at Cranfield
  • Do a short video during their year to be shown at the Award Dinner and then load onto our website.
  • Act as a public face for CAASF whilst at Cranfield and at any opportunity thereafter
  • Support the scholarship financially.

In this way, we ensure that the cycle repeats and the Scholarship lives on in a sustainable way.