The Cranfield alumni in Australia created the scholarship as a means of contributing to the vibrancy of the Alumni community here and also as our contribution to this country.

We also have other aims that we wish to achieve through the scholarship:

For applicants

Applicants experience a professional and rigorous selection process which will be a valuable learning experience in itself.

The winner has the age, talent and work experience to capitalise on the unique opportunity. This scholarship demonstrably enhances the winner’s personal and professional abilities and career and is thus seen as a highly valuable prize.

Even if the applicants decide not to go to Cranfield to study for an MBA, the contact with alumni and the discussion process serves to trigger applicants to consider the value of management study in developing themselves professionally and personally and that this encourages them into further management education locally.

Exposure to an international learning environment and fellow students feeds back into the practice of management in Australia.

For Alumni

The annual process of running the scholarship provides a vehicle for all Australian Cranfield alumni from all schools to work together on a worthwhile project of great value to Australia.

The annual award event (held in alternate years in Melbourne and Sydney) provides an excellent opportunity for all Alumni to get together once each year.

The personal rewards gained by talent spotting potential applicants for the scholarship, inviting them to alumni functions and encouraging them to apply for Cranfield scholarship creates a focus which enlivens the local alumni groups.

Increased MBA enrolments from Australia feed back into increased growth and energy in the local Cranfield alumni groups.

The publicity associated with the scholarship and its high-profile sponsors and alumni, raises the recognition of Cranfield University and the School of Management in Australia and the unique value of the Cranfield MBA

For Cranfield University and the School of Management

The increased profile for Cranfield increases the quality and number of MBA applicants from Australia. This feeds a virtuous cycle; excellence and diversity in the student body leads to increased richness and quality of learning, which in turn feeds the success of the Graduates and the School as an academic research and teaching institution.

For Australia

This scholarship, through the diversity of its reach and the skills and knowledge in leadership and management that it will develop in the recipients, has the capability to make a significant impact to Australia.

As the scholarship aims to improve the quality of leadership and management skills in all sectors of business and the community, we actively seek diversity in age, education and professional background in the registrants. The scholarship will be particularly attractive to highly skilled specialists who wish to broaden and strengthen their management experience.

In the longer term, Australians with internationally ranked skills in leadership and management contribute both to the economic welfare of the nation as well as to the values that make Australia unique.