Enabling rising leaders to accelerate their growth and unlock their full potential. 

The Talent Development Programme is an immersive learning experience that has been designed to prepare emerging leaders for the future.

By enhancing core leadership skills with a mix of professional development and personal depth, this programme has been designed to equip rising talents with the skills and knowledge needed to transition into a proactive leader who can create change in their immediate business function.

Challenge your way of thinking, learn how to identify and tackle functional challenges, and lay the foundations to become an impactful leader who can successfully lead teams at a functional level and closely align actions to business strategy.

Organisational Awareness

Broaden your knowledge of how an organisation operates, by learning how key business functions contribute to the business strategy and how you can align your actions to your organisation and increase your personal impact.

Strategic Mindset

Develop critical skills that enhance your strategic view, further enabling you to create new opportunities for you and your organisation that creates value.

Effective Leadership

Explore the realities of leadership, along with a suite of development tools underpinned by Cranfield research. Discover your leadership style and how to cultivate the skills you need to become an effective and confident leader.

Emotional Intelligence

Become a more self-aware leader who can manage conflicts and create the space to step back and regain the clarity needed to lead with purpose.

At a glance

  • Dates
    • 09 Dec 2024
    • 01 Dec 2025
  • Duration2 x 5-day modules on campus & online learning with 2 review days over 12 months
  • LocationCranfield campus and virtual learning
  • Cost£11,550 + VAT, including accommodation Concessions available

Module dates

The programme modules run on the following dates:

December 2024  December 2025  
Access to Learning
09 December 2024 01 December 2025
Module 1 27-31 January 2025 26-30 January 2026
Module 2 3-7 March 2025 9-13 March 2026 
Review 1 TBC June 2025 TBC June 2026
Review 2 TBC January 2026 TBC January 2027

Who is this for

Professionals who:

  • Aspire to accelerate their career trajectory by becoming more influential within a business function.
  • Want to develop a strategic focus & align their activity to the organisations’ goals so they will have a focused impact.
  • Want to develop a greater understanding of the informal organisational environment; enabling them to work effectively in political environments and manage relationships strategically.
  • Seek to build on critical leadership skills, to effectively lead a business function.

Programme impact

Achieve your potential and make the successful transition into an influential leader.

Through a carefully curated programme, discover how Cranfield supports the development of proactive and impactful leaders, who can successfully lead teams and create impact within your business function.

With the addition of leading psychometric tests, gain a deeper understanding of your leadership style and how you can enhance your capabilities to help realise your potential and transition into a leader.

For you:

  • Learn the role of key functions within an organisation and how they contribute to the organisational strategy.
  • Utilise a range of tools and frameworks to develop new ways of thinking, being and doing within your organisation.
  • Deep dive into your leadership style and use guided reflections to uncover ways to increase your organisational impact.
  • Obtain key insights into what it means to lead a team, and how you can create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation.
  • Discover how you can create meaningful relationships within your organisation that unlocks new opportunities.

For your organisation:

  • A leader with the clarity to align team/functional activities to business strategy.
  • A leader who actively creates change, through the completion of a six-month organisational project, that improves an area of the organisation.
  • Enhanced collaboration within a business function to improve team performance and functional effectiveness.
  • Leaders who can engage and influence stakeholders at all levels.

What you will learn

Activate your potential as a forward-thinking leader

Our innovative Talent Development Programme will combine professional development with personal growth to create an immersive experience that will equip you with the necessary tools to create impact in your role.

Working with our experts, you’ll be inspired and challenged to accelerate your leadership potential. You will become a forward-thinking leader with the clarity to successfully lead your team towards business goals and drive performance.

Announce your leadership

  • Transform your understanding of the skills needed to become an effective leader by identifying new ways to unlock functional performance.

Drive self-empowerment and innovation

  • Implement a personal development plan to help you achieve your professional and personal goals, with the view of becoming more self-aware and having the clarity to create new opportunities for your organisation.

Collaborate and influence within your organisation

  • Discover how you can achieve greater influence within your function and beyond. Increase functional collaboration and identify and create new opportunities to showcase your organisational value.

Learn the foundations of strategy

  • Enhance your strategic thinking and learn the foundations to establish a strategy that can significantly impact your function.

Break up silos and drive performance

  • Implement a suite of development tools designed to unlock performance and solve challenges facing your organisation.


Talent Development Programme

Talent Development Programme brochure

Influence change across functions and create new opportunities for your organisation.

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Cranfield Talent Development Programme

What you'll experience

Access to learning

Begin your journey on the Talent Development Programme with a series of activities that will help you understand your impact on your organisation. You will also start your immersive experience with the business simulation, with peers, where you will lead a fictional organisation through an ever-changing business landscape in a risk-free environment.

Finally, you’ll engage in virtual 1:1 development session with the programme director to create your personal development path over the course of the programme.

Module one – Awareness and development of business leadership skills

Face-to-face (5 days residential)

Broaden your organisational awareness as you learn key functions like supply chain, marketing, operations, finance, and more. In addition, the fundamentals of business strategy to help you understand how it all links and contributes to the success of an organisation.

  • Understand the wider context of your leadership style,
  • Tools to align yourself to organisational goals,
  • How to build meaningful relationships internally and externally.

Module two – Awareness and development of organisational and interpersonal leadership skills

Face-to-face (5 days residential)

Combine your professional development with personal depth by taking a deeper dive into self-awareness to learn how to become more impactful within your organisation.

  • A suite of tools to align yourself to organisational goals,
  • Techniques to successfully manage challenging conversations,
  • Broaden your sense of self and step outside your comfort zone.

6-month progress review day

Face-to-face (one day)

Three months after module 3, you’re invited back to Cranfield to reflect on your journey so far and the impact that you’ve had on your organisation.

  • Obtain new insights on your key learnings from peers, faculty as well as your coach,
  • Reflect on your experiences against your personal development plan,
  • Reconnect with your peers, obtain valuable feedback and share experiences.

12-month continuing development review day

Face-to-face (one day)

Evaluate your personal and professional journey over the last 12 months on you and your organisation.

In addition to this, the results of your Personal Action Plan. Reflect with your peers on your next steps in your pathway towards becoming a leader of the future.

Unique and practical programme features

  • Authentic simulations with opportunities to build key personal and professional skills.
  • Transformational journey for each delegate that inspires, challenges and creates new ways of thinking through real-life business problems.
  • Attain an integrated suite of leadership development tools.
  • Peer-to-peer learning.
  • Cranfield renowned faculty – drawing on their research, thought leadership and global perspective on key issues to equip you with powerful insights.

Work on your organisational or team project

As a delegate, you will work on an Individual Business Project that will deliver change to your organisation and enable you to consolidate what you have learned in the programme.

  • Developing new markets.
  • Creating new revenue streams.
  • Expanding product offering.
  • Increasing staff motivation and retention.
  • Improving processes and systems.
  • Reducing waste.
  • Increasing/broadening staff product knowledge.

Programme Director

Philippa Thurgur

“Whether you are already managing a team, or transitioning into a leadership role, the Talent Development Programme enables you to elevate your ability to lead yourself and others, expand your organisation-wide business acumen and develop new perspectives. This immersive and highly experiential development journey will transform the way you see and approach situations to enable you to make a real impact within you organisation and accelerate your career.”


20% discount (tuition fee only) for Cranfield School of Management Alumni who have attended one of our eligible leadership programmes.

Accommodation and Location

How to apply

Next steps

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