Transition successfully into the next stage of your career and achieve greater impact more quickly in new management roles.


Breakthrough Leadership Programme

Breakthrough Leadership Programme

Set new direction, lead innovation, define strategy, achieve change and make it stick.

Duration: Modular  ·  Cost: £17,560 + VAT  ·  Delivery: Cranfield

General Management Programme

General Management Programme

Gain clarity on your key business functions and master cross-functional leadership.

Duration: Modular  ·  Cost: £14,660 + VAT  ·  Delivery: Cranfield

Talent Development Programme

Talent Development Programme

Gain a clearer strategic understanding and wider view of the management perspective and accelerate your career.

Duration: Modular  ·  Cost: £11,550 + VAT  ·  Delivery: Cranfield

General Management Portfolio brochure

A comprehensive portfolio of programmes with a distinctive approach to leadership development for those in or approaching general management roles combining breadth of business knowledge with depth of personal insight. Download the brochure to discover more about our general management programmes.

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General Management Breakfast Briefing

26 April 2023

Discover how we can support your personal and professional objectives with our General Management portfolio. Our programmes give you the skills, knowledge and confidence required to broaden organisational understanding, maximise impact and showcase organisational value.

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Career Transitions Whitepaper

Our General Management portfolio is built on over 40 years’ experience in developing leaders and academic research into career transitions. Download the whitepaper to discover our unique approach to helping you take your career to the next level.

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