The UKCRIC National Research Facility for Water and Wastewater Treatment's clean water pilot hall, which opened in Summer 2019, is unique in the UK and positions Cranfield as a centre of excellence for the development of innovative treatment solutions using real source waters, including the capability to test reclaimed water from the wastewater works or wastewater pilot hall.

Located adjacent to the University’s sewage treatment works, the UKCRIC National Research Facility for Water and Wastewater Treatment comprises:

  • an existing wastewater treatment pilot hall and a newly built 220m2 clean water pilot hall with two potable water treatment trains;
  • a soil and sedimentation erosion test facility;
  • two 100m long test and control sewer loops;
  • a large-scale storage and distribution system for raw water supply to the pilot halls.

These facilities will support research on the interdependencies between treatment and distribution processes, condition monitoring and performance of technologies, innovative sensors and control paradigms, integrated data systems, and low energy treatment and resource recovery technologies.

Outside photo of the two pilot halls
Clean water pilot hall (left) & wastewater treatment pilot hall (right)

Key research themes

The main research themes that will be addressed by the facility will be centred on three national and global challenges associated with potable water treatment and supply:

  • robust and resilient water treatment,
  • chemical free water treatment,
  • water recycling and reuse.

Using the facility

If you wish to use this facility, please contact Professor Peter Jarvis to arrange.