The Security Group is research active in the areas of explosives and CBRN detection, working with instrument manufacturers to develop new and improve current detection equipment. We also have researchers active in the areas of counter-IED and homemade explosives.

Our post-blast residue research has enabled a better understanding of the fate and distribution of explosives after a terrorist event, enabling improvements in crime scene investigation and the development of improved analytical methodologies for the detection of explosives.

A recent project, CRIM-TRACK, was a multi-agency project to develop a simple, portable detector – a mechanical sniffer dog – to identify illegal drugs and homemade explosives. To date, the project has developed tools that are able to successfully detect all compounds required by the end users. We can now detect minute quantities of drugs and explosives as well as the precursors of these compounds in laboratory settings.

Security research is becoming increasingly important and we work closely with the Cranfield Forensic Institute in these areas.