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  • Explosives and Munitions


Dr Ian Wilson received his PhD from Durham University after working on the synthesis and reactions of halogenated heterocycles. After a brief period as a research scientist at Nanosight Ltd he joined the Synthesis and Formulations group in the Centre for Defence Chemistry at Cranfield University as a synthetic organic chemist.

Current activities

Ian's research is focused on the synthesis of energetic materials and novel processes, with a particular emphasis on flow chemistry. Recent efforts have included the synthesis of diverse materials including energetic polymers, energetic plasticisers, high explosives, and primary explosives in partnership with a variety of defence and civilian organisations.

In addition to contract research, Ian teaches practical skills as part of the 'Manufacturing and Material Properties of Explosives' and 'Synthesis and Handling of Energetic Compounds' courses, and lectures on the 'Ammunition Technicians' and 'CBRN Defence Science' courses.

He supervises research projects at both MSc ('Explosive Ordnance Engineering') and PhD level, as well as on the 'Ammunition Technical Officers' course, with a particular focus on home-made and improvised explosives.


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