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Areas of expertise

  • CBRN Focus Areas
  • Fuels
  • Hazardous Substances


Colleen studied at the University of Nottingham, first receiving a MSc. She then researched MOFs for hydrogen storage and gained her PhD in 2008.

Colleen joined Cranfield University in 2008 to work in the field of radiation grafting of polymer membranes for application in fuel cells. She subsequently focused her research on the characterisation of water in aviation fuel under cold temperatures. Colleen now spends most of her time teaching on various courses.

Current activities

A large part of her activity is teaching on various courses.

Courses that Colleen leads or delivers on include:

CBRN Defence Science

CBRN Hazard Management and Decontamination

Petroleum Chemistry and Technology

Explosive Ordnance Engineers

Ammunition Technical Officers

Ammunition Technicians

CBRN Terrorism

Battlespace Technology

Guided Weapons


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