As part of a world-leading institute for innovative research into atomistic and particulate based manufacturing techniques for the production of protective and active surface coatings, we have established a world-wide reputation for our expertise in design, testing and analysis of coating systems and surface treatments for components subjected to extreme high temperatures in hostile environments.

Our main research activities relate to the design and manufacture of protective coatings to allow engineering systems to operate in harsher and more demanding environments, the development of in-situ diagnostics (Smart Coatings), and the design of surface engineering solutions at the systems level to permit full integration of the coating system into the manufacturing process.

Working with us

We are internationally renowned for working closely with industry. We partner with many leading businesses in this area to deliver innovative solutions to their real-life problems.

Our world-class academics have proven research records and are in constant touch with industry whether through education, delivery of short courses or providing consultancy.  

Our research benefits from the strong synergy that has been developed between the science, engineering and management disciplines ensuring that concepts and solutions can be employed by modern day business.