We believe that there is no one mould for a Senior Leader; for this reason, we have developed a range of programmes that satisfy the differing needs of organisations and their learners across experience and specialisms.

Whether you are an apprentice looking to widen your knowledge, skills and behaviours or a business identifying a need to up-skill your workforce, we have everything you need to develop yourself and your workforce through a portfolio of Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship programmes.

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Information for employers

By offering a Senior Leader Apprenticeship+ programme, your company will:

  • Attract and retain talent through a compelling suite of programmes.
  • Have a skills injection to futureproof your business.
  • Address strategic needs of the business through focused learning.
  • Contribute to the UK labour-force and economy.

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Information for apprentices

By attending one of our programmes, you will benefit from:

  • Developing your senior leader skillset within the context of your business.
  • Access to world-class academic institutions.
  • Committed time and resource for your development.
  • Learning within a cohort of like-minded senior leaders.

If you are considering an apprenticeship route to prepare you for your next challenge, please view our programmes or complete our form below.

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