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Designed to future-proof your leadership pipeline while delivering commercial value, the Senior Leader Executive Programme is a unique, executive-level apprenticeship for existing and high-potential managers and leaders.

This programme is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) through its award of the Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice, on successful completion enabling you to gain a professionally recognised qualification, along with a Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship.

Our offer

The programme has two enrolment options to meet your specific organisational needs.

Closed cohort

An organisation who can identify a closed cohort of a minimum of 30 individuals, benefitting from flexible intake options and tailored programme content, with the valuable opportunity to apply learning across departmental functions.

Open cohort

An organisation with one or more individuals who will join a group of like-minded aspiring leaders from other organisations, benefitting from networking cross-industry.


This programme meets the requirements of the revised Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship Standard. Organisations can use £14,000 of their Apprenticeship Levy to cover the programme tuition fee. View Fees and Funding information

This is a non-award bearing course where successful completion will result in Chartered Manager Fellow status (CMgr FCMI) and the award of the Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship.

Upskilling strategic leaders

Build a strong foundation of new knowledge, skills and behaviours which enables you to advance your existing leadership competencies and champion the ability of others. Become a transformational leader and a key driver of organisational change.

Creating workplace impact to address future skill need

Transform existing workplace practice through using specific module content addressing sustainability, resilience and digital innovation. You will be able to apply your knowledge and skills to find appropriate solutions to business challenges.

Personal development

Develop as a well-rounded citizen, through the acquisition of necessary skills and behaviours which help you to develop your teams, your organisation and contribute to your community and wider society.

Application of learning to workplace practice

Use your enhanced leadership capabilities acquired through on-programme learning, to positively change workplace practice.


  • Start dateMarch 2024, June 2024
  • Duration15 months + 5 months End-point Assessment
  • Delivery<p><img height="311" alt="Programme module top-level structure" width="947" src="/-/media/images-for-new-website/som-ced/slep-modules-graphic-2.ashx?la=en&amp;hash=FA05D2A15398C5EA60F675C37BC686A0FA19C032" style="display: inline; max-width: 100%; height: auto; width: 100%;" /></p>
  • Study typePart-time
  • CampusCranfield campus, Online

Programme impact

The Senior Leader Executive Programme is an opportunity for organisations to use their Apprenticeship Levy at scale to harness the necessary leadership skills which will enable apprentices to challenge existing thinking and identify new ways of responding to organisational challenges. Apprentices will learn new and innovative ways to future-proof themselves, their team and the organisation, whilst applying their learning to create valuable workplace impact.

For individuals

  • Set strategic direction, embed vision and a clear sense of purpose, whilst tracking longer-term opportunities and risks.
  • Address your organisation’s future skills needs and act as a champion of transformational change, responding to contemporary issues and macro trends.
  • Act as a role model for authentic and inclusive leadership practice.
  • Use coaching and mentoring to lead, develop and retain talent in your function and within the wider organisation.
  • Monitor and interpret disruptive industry trends and technological change.
  • Deliver commercial and strategic outcomes that fulfil your organisation's long-term purpose, leveraging collaborative relationships and interpersonal excellence to land and embed transformational change.
  • Acquire the personal and professional development skills to progress your career as a senior leader.

For organisations

  • Enhance succession planning by creating a network of change makers.
  • Develop and retain key talent.
  • Improve diversity and inclusion.
  • Address future skill needs.
  • Facilitate digital transformation or culture change.
  • Boost innovation.
  • Increase leadership agility.
  • Improve organisational resilience.
  • Boost wellbeing.
  • Build a ‘test and learn’ mindset.

Who is this for?

The Senior Leader Executive Programme that will be funded by the apprenticeship levy is suitable for:

  • High-potential and emerging leaders.
  • Functional leads and department heads.
  • Existing directors and executives.

What you will learn

Our Senior Leader Executive Programme provides you with a leading-edge opportunity to develop a suite of new knowledge, skills, and behaviours. You will learn to build sustainable, ethical, innovative, and supportive work cultures that get the best from people and enable transformational change across organisational functions. The programme will enable you to develop personally as a leader into one who places curiosity at the centre of your approach as a high-performing leader.

Develop competencies beyond your existing skill set

Challenge your own personal and professional development by drawing on new competencies, enabling you to actively keep pace with, and respond to change, using a leadership style that enables agile transformation.

Future-proof yourself and your organisation

Acquire a range of development tools and techniques that are sustainable and will add significant value as you can effectively respond to ever-changing organisational need.

Cultivate and maintain relationships

Develop collaborative relationships with a variety of internal and external stakeholders to influence decision making and lead effectively on projects to deliver organisational strategic goals.

Respond to changing organisational trends

Respond to social, economic and technological trends within your area of responsibility, identifying and promoting new opportunities and addressing organisational challenges.

Unique and practical programme features

  • Application of new learning to real-life practical challenges, using the knowledge, skills and behaviours of the apprenticeship to ensure you add impact to your organisation.
  • Up-to-date and contemporary programme content, drawing on the expertise of experienced academics and business practitioners to provide you with an inspirational, challenging and thought-provoking learning experience.
  • Modules designed explicitly to help you to future-proof your organisation by exposing you to the areas of likely future skill need, including sustainable business, digital innovation and organisational resilience.
  • The opportunity to acquire personal and professional development skills which go beyond the module content.
  • Peer-to-peer support through online discussions, drop-in sessions, and digital masterclasses.
  • Attain an integrated suite of leadership development tools.
  • Engagement with Cranfield’s renowned faculty – drawing on their research, thought leadership and global perspective on key issues to equip you with powerful insights.

Course details

Course delivery

Programme module top-level structure

Module dates


Delivery mode

November 2023 intake

March 2024 intake (provisional)

Programme Orientation

1 day face-to-face at Cranfield

November 2023

March 2024

Personal Development, Study and Research Skills

1 day face-to-face at Cranfield

November 2023

March 2024

Developing the Strategic Leader

2 days face-to-face at Cranfield

November 2023

April 2024

Macro Trends in the Global Economy

2 days live online

January 2024

May 2024

Developing Organisational Strategy

2 days face-to-face at Cranfield

March 2024

July 2024

Finance for the Boardroom


1 day live online

April 2024

August 2024

Sustainable Business

3 days face-to-face at Cranfield

May 2024

September 2024

Strategic Marketing

2 days live online

July 2024


November 2024


Organisational Resilience and Risk

2 days face-to-face at Cranfield

September 2024

March 2025

Leading and Developing People to Optimise Performance

2 days live online

November 2024

May 2025

From Strategy to Implementation

2 days live online

January 2025

May 2025


Programme Orientation

Introduction to the apprenticeship, role of the apprenticeship tutor, overview of end-point assessment requirements.

Module 1: Personal Development, Study and Research Skills

Apprentices will be introduced to personal and professional skills; learning to work independently and supported to acquire the necessary research skills required for a Level 7 programme.

Module 2: Developing the Strategic Leader

Apprentices will develop the necessary competencies required to become a strategic leader, enabling them to respond effectively to complex organisational challenges.

Module 3: Macro Trends in the Global Economy

This module will encourage apprentices to explore key macro trends, including those relating to disruptive technology and sustainability. Apprentices will learn how to use financial and non-financial data to analyse an organisation’s performance.

Module 4: Developing Organisational Strategy

Apprentices learn how to shape and develop their organisation’s strategy, using skills of horizon scanning to instigate growth and improve efficiency.

Module 5: Finance for the Boardroom

Apprentices will draw on financial and non-financial information to challenge strategic decisions, inform resource allocation and oversee the development of organisational budgets.

Module 6: Sustainable Business

This module supports apprentices in their role as change agents in the context of the sustainability agenda, including the connections to strategy, marketing and organisational resilience.

Module 7: Strategic Marketing

Apprentices will learn and reflect on the interrelationship between marketing and an organisation’s strategic aims. This will include the development of an marketing strategy to enable organisational success.

Module 8: Organisational Resilience and Risk

This module supports apprentices to gain the relevant competencies and skills required to respond innovatively and resiliently to strategic challenges and risks.

Module 9: Leading and Developing People to Optimise Performance

Apprentices will develop an in-depth understanding of how to effectively lead and develop people, drawing on the knowledge, skills and behaviours learnt earlier in the apprenticeship. They will explore the impact of culture, wellbeing, policy and strategy, as means to optimise an organisation’s performance.

Module 10: Strategy to Implementation

This module consolidates all of the learning from the previous modules, to provide the necessary launchpad to implement the strategic insights into the organisation, using essential project management tools and techniques.

End-point Assessment (5 months)

Professional discussion based on a portfolio of evidence, consisting of Q&A with a Chartered Management Institute assessor.
Strategic Business Proposal, Presentation and Questioning about a ‘real business issue’ approved by the organisation.


Cranfield School of Management is one of an elite group of business schools worldwide to hold triple accreditations from:

Triple Accreditation

The Senior Leader Executive Programme is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute. At the end of the apprenticeship, successful completion will result in Chartered Manager Fellow status (CMgr FCMI).

CMI logo

The Senior Leader Executive Programme is led by Cranfield Executive Development and draws on the expertise of faculty from Cranfield School of Management, one of an elite group of triple-accredited business schools and consistently ranked as one of the top 30 business schools in Europe for executive development.

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