In keeping with our mission to enrich management practice and leadership we offer assistance to high potential individuals, within certain economic sectors, to attend a selection of our open programmes.

  • Not for profit organisations e.g.

    • Voluntary organisations
    • Community groups
    • Charities
  • Education sector (primary and secondary).

Individual Eligibility

Careful consideration is given to each application to ensure that the course is suitable for the candidate.

Beyond this, we are looking for evidence of:

  • Senior management/leadership potential
  • Career progression and commitment
  • Ability to transfer skills to the work place for the benefit of the organisation.

Candidates should write a short case for consideration supported by a referee from within their organisation.

The Course Director will make the final decision on awards to individuals.

Eligible Programmes

Award details

  • Awards will be made at up to 50% of the tuition fee (excluding accommodation).

  • One award may be made per organisation per year.

  • Awards are subject to availability of places on programmes.

How to apply

Call or email Gislene Robertson to discuss your requirements in more detail

T: +44 (0)1234 758140


To support you and your organisation, we can offer the following discounts: 

Cranfield Alumni Association 

All delegates attending a residential open programme receive lifelong membership to our Alumni Association. In addition to a full range of activities and services, all Alumni members receive a 20% discount on any future open programme. (One day programmes are not eligible for Alumni membership). 

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Non-profit-organisations, charities, education and public sector 

We have a number of scholarships and generous discounts available for participants from non-profit organisations, charities and the education and public sectors on a selection of our open programmes. Awards can be as high as 50% off tuition fees. For more information call Gislene Robertson on +44 (0)1234 758140.


Your organisation could benefit from a partnership with Cranfield School of Management, whereby we would look to provide a range of open programmes in line with your company business and development objectives. This would also give you access to many networking opportunities and a discount framework. To discuss this further, please contact the Corporate Sales Team on +44 (0) 1234 754413. 

Research Club Members 

All employees of member organisations of Cranfield School of Management’s Research Clubs are entitled to a 25% discount on open programmes (subject to availability). 


We are not aware of any current funding opportunities, but will update this section as appropriate.