Ciaran McNicholas, Mangrove UK, Nourah Alhajri, SSH and Jamie Cartwright, Jaguar Land Rover have all attended the Cranfield Talent Development Programme.

Ciaran McNicholas CTDP case studyThe programme was a massive wake up call. Friends, family and colleagues have all noticed that I have stopped over-questioning myself and my ideas and started speaking with conviction and getting on with it. I am planning and thinking things through.  

My business initiative was to develop a company culture in a widely dispersed sales team. I set about putting in place several ‘cultural pillars’; ‘Good News Friday’, a company-wide weekly communication, now owned by the team; ‘Crew Mojo’, a task management website providing up-to-date sales feedback; a Sales team WhatsApp group for easy connectivity; an experienced Sales Director mentor ‘Uncle David’ for less experienced staff. 

People see me as a leader. I don’t have to be the one pushing it now. I read others better and understand their way of looking at things so am now more influential in the business too. The things I have introduced are now common practice and the widely dispersed team is more connected, steadily developing and more performance focused.  

Ciaran McNicholas, Sales Manager, Mangrove UK

Nourah Alhajri CTDP case studyThe programme has shaped my career. I have had a 180º change. I kept a low profile, lacking confidence to share my ideas and to approach senior stakeholders, partners and directors.  Now I am sitting at the table. People know who I am. I am much more direct and positive. I network widely and understand others’ agendas. As a result I can easily engage with my senior colleagues.

Nourah Alhajri, HR Business Partner, SSH
Jamie Cartwright from Jaguar Landrover

Jamie Cartwright participated in the Cranfield Talent Development Programme as part of a long standing relationship with JLR. The business has used the programme for several years as a significant platform for developing its young emerging leaders. 

Jamie found meeting other like minded individuals outside of the automotive industry particularly rewarding because it provided him with the opportunity to compare JLR’s business model with other organisations and to understand how these other businesses operate and the management techniques and tools they adopt in their markets. This external perspective enabled him to look at the wider business picture and understand the impact of business decisions within JLR from a higher viewpoint. 

“The live case study provided a unique opportunity for me to reflect on my personal leadership approach and understand how others perceive me in pressurised situations.” This provided the basis for Jamie to identify an ongoing development agenda that he could implement at work and review with his programme colleagues as he went through the 12 month programme. 

“Overall the programme has helped me develop my credibility in the business by giving me more confidence to think strategically, to be more proactive and work with others more effectively.” Since attending the programme, Jamie has been promoted to a more senior role and the programme has enabled him to make this transition much more easily. He now feels he is a respected leader in the business. 

Jamie Cartwright, AME Manager, Jaguar Land Rover