Businesses operate in a constantly changing world that features a changing climate, fewer resources, increased social inequity, more engaged stakeholders and more transparency.

Businesses leaders need to understand how these shifts impact their business while also finding innovative solutions to sustainability challenges in order to create long term value for their organisations and society.

The mission of our group is to ensure current and future business leaders develop the knowledge and skills to embed sustainability in core business so they can reduce risk, reduce cost, increase trust and drive growth through the development of innovative products, services and processes, whilst maintaining long term financial performance and creating value for society.

We will implement this mission by:

  • Ensuring management students are well prepared to contribute value to business and society through sustainable management and practice
  • Working across management disciplines to mainstream sustainability into corporate strategy, finance, supply chain management, consumer engagement and entrepreneurship
  • Ensuring sustainability experts are well prepared to effectively use their technical skills to enhance the sustainability of industry sectors and their component organizations
  • Working alongside Cranfield’s Schools of Water, Energy and Environment and Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing, who are developing technical solutions to some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues, in areas such as crop reliance, carbon capture, renewable energy and water stewardship, to support the implementation of leading technical solutions in business at scale
  • Contributing to a pan-university Sustainability Network which responds to brings sustainability-related challenges arising from business clients and funding bodies.

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