How alumni, investors, mentors and partners can help

There are multiple ways how you can help us grow the Sustainable Business group and have an increased impact in the local area.


Help us as a guest speaker at one of our events, or as a visiting teacher on one of our sustainability oriented courses or modules.


Any support for regular, annual or one-off funding would make a big impact towards our goals at the Sustainable Business group. We are always looking for opportunities to invite visiting professors, run more events and fund research projects. Sponsorship and funding for our activities would be a great help.


If your company is interested in working with students to find innovative responses to sustainability challenges or opportunities, please talk to us about how you can sponsor a competition or offer a student company-based project.

Social MediaSocial Media

When you and your companies have a large social media following on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, please share our events with your network and help us to reach more relevant people and companies.