The Centre for Robotics and Assembly brings together a group of leading experts with diverse skill sets to solve multi-faceted and complex problems. Our research and teaching spans robotics, automation, industrial psychology and human factors and driver behaviour. Read more Read less

We work at the leading edge of robotics and automation to create the next generation of robotic systems in manufacturing and wider applications. Our major strength is that we focus on both the human and technology aspects, helping to gain true acceptance of the use of robotics in real-life scenarios.

In the Centre, engineers and human factors specialists collaborate to understand human/robot interaction across different sectors. These include manufacturing, aerospace, and service, and a diverse range of domains, from factory shop floors to hotels.

We have extensive experience of developing technologies through to production implementation as well as providing blue sky thinking and innovation.

We help set how people and robots interact through our work on standards, ethics and safety. As well as the application of cutting-edge AI and new hardware concepts, we seek to understand how underlying concepts such as trust and acceptance evolve and interact with the hardware.

Our strategic relationships with major organisations such as Airbus have developed technologies that directly impact on their manufacturing. We are part of the ISCF Smart Cobotics Centre, a collaboration between a number of leading universities, developing next generation human-robot collaboration in industrial applications.

Our MSc in Robotics produces graduates with a deep knowledge of robotics technology and human interaction who are industry-ready.

We have extensive experience for remotely supervising and supporting full- and part-time students embedded within partner organisations and provide professional development courses covering robotics, human factors and driver safety and behaviour.