We boast a suite of world-class experts in experimentation and simulation. Our primary expertise encompasses areas such as Experimental Fluid Dynamics, Process System Engineering, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (including single/multiphase flows and phase change). We also specialise in Finite Element Analysis, Fluid-Structure Interactions, and High-Performance Computing. We operate two major experimental facilities—the Mechanical Testing Lab and the Process Systems Engineering Lab—to validate our simulations.

Our present focus revolves around ocean-based renewable applications. This includes wind turbines, floating wind and solar power plants, wave/tidal energy converters, sustainable shipping, and offshore production. Furthermore, we are invested in the development and study of small-scale wind turbines for urban deployment, as well as the study of complex multi-phase flows and phase change. Over time, we've forged strong ties with leading global industrial entities.

Our capabilities empower us to execute high-fidelity experimental and numerical simulations, replicating full-scale mechanical operations across varying environmental scenarios. We facilitate computational testing and enhancement of systems prior to their actual construction and deployment. Such an approach yields substantial benefits in identifying and mitigating risks, reducing costs, and optimising performance.