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Areas of expertise

  • Manufacturing of Functional Materials
  • Nanomaterials
  • Nanotechnology
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sensor Technologies


Dr Jerry Luo is a Senior Lecturer in Energy Storage and Harvesting at Cranfield University. His current research focuses on: (i) Renewable energy; (ii) Energy harvesting and Sensors. He has expertise in energy harvesting technologies (piezoelectric and thermoelectric), functional materials development and characterisations, and renewable energies. He completed his PhD at the University of New South Wales (Australia), focusing on the development and characterization of lead-free piezoelectric materials. During PhD he was awarded a fellowship and worked at Technical University Darmstadt (Germany) as a visiting researcher. After his PhD he has been working in the universities in Australia and the UK, and joined Cranfield in 2016.

His research has been sponsored with funding over £2.5M, from Innovate UK, UKRI (EPSRC), HEIF (Higher Education Innovation Fund) and industry. He has been the Principle Investigator and Co-Investigator of 7 Innovate UK projects, 1 EPSRC ICASE project collaborated with BAE Systems, and 1 EPSRC Researcher in Residence. He was also the awardee of Innovate UK ICURe award. His current research groups has 2 postdocs and 6 PhDs, and runs a laboratory on materials development and device prototyping. His research on energy harvesting has been reported by the Financial Times in 2019 article.

Research opportunities

PhDs, MSc by Research, visiting academics and exchanged PhDs are welcome. You will be supported by my research group and laboratory, and involved in the exciting research projects.

If you are interested in the PhD study in my research group please contact me. PhD scholarships are available from time to time.

We recruit postdocs from time to time. Please contact me and we can discuss the opportunities.

Master placement, PhD exchanges, visiting academics please contact me to discuss the opportunities.

Current PhD students: 6 students

Current activities

1. Innovate UK Energy Catalyst project 'A CSP and TFG hybrid energy system' (PI and Project Lead, £299,918, 2020 -2021);

2. EPSRC ICASE PhD project sponsored by EPSRC and BAE Systems (PI and supervisor, 2020 -2024);

3. Innovate UK project 'Development of a shortlist-and-test diagnostic platform for brucellosis in livestock' (PI, £266,946, 2019 - 2022);

4. EPSRC Researcher in Residence ''Renewable energy integrated intelligent charging system for EV', EP/T517306/1, (PI, £49,781, 2019 - 2021);

5. Innovate UK project 'CoolerSun: creating a clean and reliable cooling, heating, water treatment and electricity' (PI, 2020, completed);

6. Innovate UK project 'HH-Gen: High performance green hydrogen generation from solar energy' (Co-I, £311,153, 2020-2021);

7. Innovate UK project 'Second Life Batteries for Commercial Energy Use' (Co-I, £411,477, 2020-2021);

8. Innovate UK project 'Advanced grid services provided by optimised EV community and fleet charging' (Co-I, £200,595, 2020-2021);

9. Innovate UK project 'Development of a low carbon heating and cooling system with storage and gender-based temperature regulation for public and commercial buildings' (Co-I, £312,350, 2020-2021);

10. Higher Education Innovation Fund 'Demonstration of Thermo-Foil-Generator (TFG) for Industrial Waste Heat Recovery' (Co-I, 2020, completed);

11. MSc Group project sponsored 'Renewable energy integrated base stations and their energy management' by Mobile Broadband Network Limited (Co-I, 2020, completed);

12. Innovate UK ICURe Award 'Make sense of your sole' (PI, 2019, completed);

13. MSc Group project 'Detection system for overhead distribution cable positional faults' sponsored by UK Power Networks Limited (Co-I, 2019, completed);

14. EPSRC eFutures sandpit 'Feasibility study Maternal IoT garment for foetal electrocardiogram' (PI, 2018, completed)


Public Clients:

- Innovate UK


- Newton Fund

- The Higher Education Innovation Fund

- RAEng

Industrial Clients:

- BAE Systems

- Mobile Broadband Network Limited

- UK Power Networks Limited

- Thermoelectric Conversion Systems

- TFG Global Power

- FocalSun

- Biotangents

- IceRobotics


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