The Centre for Energy Engineering provides a focus for the design and engineering of advanced thermal energy systems and components. Continuing engineering research is vital to ensure that energy conversion and delivery technologies are reliable, affordable and properly implemented. As the world moves towards the use of renewable energy and zero carbon emission technologies, it is important to recognise that fossil fuels will continue to play an essential role in the world’s energy mix for decades to come.

The ongoing development of thermal conversion processes will be critical in ensuring that fuels are used as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our work within the Centre focuses on these issues, with research covering topics such as fluid and multiphase flows, heat transfer, component life prediction, corrosion, high temperature materials, process/component monitoring and electrical power systems, from subjects that include chemical, mechanical, materials, pipeline and offshore engineering.

We are able to cut across the full breadth of activities in energy and power at Cranfield, from oil and gas to thermal energy to offshore renewables. Researchers in the Centre carry out near industrial-scale experimental and modelling studies. These help to predict and improve real world performance and provide engineering data for component design and scale-up. They help in feasibility and proof-of-concept studies, the performance of materials and components in real and simulated process environments and the design of chemical, mechanical and electric machines and processes.