Make the apprenticeship levy work for you

Leverage the levy to enhance your employee value proposition and win the ‘war on talent’ by maximising the amount of training and development you can fund through the levy.

Our fully levy-funded Senior Leader Executive Apprenticeship and managed service approach ensure your leadership talent have the mind-set, knowledge, skills and behaviours to drive your organisation into the future.

Our team of specialists will advise on the design, delivery and management of levy-funded executive education programmes, helping you navigate the levy system to reap the benefits.

Cranfield University is the most experienced provider of the Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship. Our specialist apprenticeship team ensure you achieve maximum return on investment, providing a training route that equips your staff to fulfil their potential as leaders in your organisation. Should you need specialist technical learning embedding in your programme, we can show you how to achieve this.

Invest your levy

How we partner with you

How we partner with you

Invest your Levy in a Level 7 Senior Leader Master’s Degree Apprenticeship

Whether you are looking for a customised in-company solution for a group, or have individuals who are ready for Level 7 learning, you can choose from a range of ready-made and tailored solutions. Our specialist advisors will guide you through the options and find a solution that is the right fit for you and your people.

No matter which route you take, participants will gain deeper business expertise enabling them to make a greater impact on the employees they lead, your customer-base, and your bottom line.