Breakthrough capability for win-win corporate agreements

Who is this for

  • Organisations with complex procurement concerns seeking to advance their strategic negotiation capability.
  • Negotiators working within consortiums and across supply chains.
  • Senior leaders involved in mergers, acquisitions, strategic positioning and working with regulatory bodies.
  • Experienced individual negotiators needing to develop an integrated, team-based approach.

Working in partnership

This programme is designed to be co-created in partnership with Cranfield Executive Development and delivered within your organisation’s or consortium’s individual context.

The workshop elements of the programme are delivered in partnership with leadership development and behavioural experts Practive.

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What you will get

Negotiation is a vital skill for individuals and a crucial organisational capability. Partnering with Cranfield ensures you create an effective team of negotiators, developing their strategic negotiation capability and realising the ultimate intent of commercial gains, relationship development and competitive advantage.

  • Develop the ability to formulate and effectively execute your negotiation strategies; as an individual and within a team.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the psychological factors underpinning negotiation styles enabling you to flex to suit specific contexts.
  • Enhance your self-confidence and performance when dealing with challenging people, and with your own messages and attitudes.
  • Grow the confidence to succeed within different scenarios that results from engaging in deliberate practice.
  • Improve individual and team performance and realise enhanced organisational capability to create sustainable negotiation outcomes.
  • Documented and demonstrable behavioural change, for individuals and teams, transformation of attitudes and beliefs, enabling mindset shift.

What your peers think

“Having the theory, followed by the chance to practice was great. The chance to get on the spot feedback was excellent. Really made me think about my approach and highlighted some key areas I can work on.”

“It was a fantastic course. Very relevant, very thoughtful, very well delivered by all involved. Really benefited from it.”

“It was an excellent, practical session, with the right balance of theory and trying things out.”

“The actor/facilitator was excellent, really sensitive and got us over the hurdle of performing.”

“I found the balance between theory and practice excellent. The theory teaching was done with relaxed authority, pace and humour. I felt the actors were seriously engaged in our learning; their role play was brilliant, and they provided thoughtful, tactful and unmistakably clear feedback to help us improve our game. Overall an outstandingly valuable and enjoyable day.”


Working in partnership to co-create a programme specifically designed for your organisation’s needs delivers attributable, next-level negotiation capability. The programme typically takes place over seven days, spread over a period of three to four months and includes eight specific elements:

Breakthrough Leadership Programme

Programme design

1. Gain in depth insights with a diagnostic of the context and challenges faced by you, your team and the organisation.

2. Undertake a collaborative, customised design with emphasis on the negotiation outcomes sought by the organisation and individuals.

Pre-programme engagement

3. Define your expected outcomes, complete psychometric profiling to understand your behavioural preferences and select a negotiation scenario to practice.

Programme delivery

4. Engage in an immersive and experiential foundation workshop with input from Cranfield faculty on negotiation techniques, brought to life by Practive behavioural experts.

5. Explore how effective you have been in implementing new approaches to negotiation within an applications focus group, held 2-3 months after the workshop.

6. Engage in an advanced workshop to tackle more complex team-based negotiation challenges involving multiple issues and stakeholders.

7. Implement and evaluate new negotiation practices and identify and develop relevant KPIs to ensure the organisational impact is measured.

8. Review the outputs of each phase of the programme within a bespoke report created by Cranfield experts, detailing key insights and recommendations for your organisation.

This programme empowers individuals to:

  • Exercise power and control,
  • Exert influence and persuasion without authority,
  • Develop trustworthiness,
  • Demonstrate tactical empathy, calibrate their personality and connect (mindfully and meaningfully) with the other party,
  • Take control of the negotiation conversation, addressing ‘off the agenda’ discussions,
  • Deal with ‘extreme’ behaviour and ‘dirty tricks’,
  • Improvise when unanticipated issues come up.

What you will experience

Our approach is:

  • Holistic. We address the cognitive, behavioural and emotional aspects of skills development, defining the negotiation process and how you develop the behaviours to be effective in those contexts.
  • Grounded. Our interventions are bespoke to your organisation, emphasising the negotiation outcomes that matter most to you, whether profitability in commercial negotiations, fairness in employee relations or long-term sustainability of political and diplomatic agreements.
  • Integrated. We combine methods and approaches to develop negotiation skills of individuals and organisational capability to enable the design and execution of effective negotiation agreements.
  • High impact. We adapt our interventions to maximise value for you if you are engaged in distributive negotiations. We focus on all parties if your context is one where integrative approaches will result in better overall outcomes.
  • Team based. We focus on team negotiation performance and how you interact and coordinate roles to drive negotiations forward, as opposed to individual negotiation skill.

Working in partnership with leadership development and behavioural experts Practive, we use negotiation simulations to replicate behavioural challenges you face to enable you to rehearse your response.

Practicing in a safe environment enables reflection in action, giving you space to develop and widen your repertoire of behaviours in terms of your negotiation style.

Unique and practical programme features

  • Fully customised to your organisation’s context using research-based frameworks from expert Cranfield faculty.
  • Psychometric tools to deepen your understanding of the factors that underpin your preferred negotiation styles.
  • Team-based, experimental negotiation simulations based on real-life scenarios to push beyond your current repertoire of behaviours.
  • Theatre style forum giving you the opportunity to pause, reflect, rewind and do over, perfecting your style to realise desired outcomes.
  • Creation of a diagnostic report specifying key opportunities for developing strategic negotiation skills and capabilities.
  • Measurement tools employed to pinpoint analysis and create meaningful quantitative and qualitative action plans resulting in real business impact.

Key facilitators

Dr Javier Marcos Cuevas
David Deegan

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