Knowledge into Action

The Centre for General Management Development at Cranfield delivers practical executive education that helps managers lead and deliver organisational success.

Our approach is to support managers at the key transition points in their careers, giving them a clear understanding of how to develop and use their personal capabilities to add greater value to their organisation. 

Managers must step outside their businesses to be able to put new insight and impetus back in. We help them do that by offering a long term and personal relationship, something that is unique to Cranfield’s General Management Programmes. 

Our programmes inspire individuals to improve businesses; they are practical, challenging and motivating. Managers return to their organisations better equipped to use their personal capabilities and position to add value to their business. 

Each programme is designed to assist managers at key transition points in their careers and provides a year-long relationship with a strong focus on one-to-one development. A diverse mix of participants ensures a broad learning experience and excellent networking opportunities. Three, six and twelve month review modules enable you and your business to get sustained benefit from your programme.

To discuss your requirements and find the programme that is right for you and your organisation, contact us.

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