Together with our partners, we are developing flexible electrochromic (EC) thin films for use as smart windows to reduce indoor energy use.
  • Dates1 April 2020-30 June 2021
  • SponsorInnovate UK
  • Funded£200,000+ total (£100,000+ for Cranfield University)
  • PartnersThin Metal Films, Innovative Nano and Micro Technologies

EC smart windows can be darkened and brightened as desired with the touch of a button with minimal maintenance, and can be self-powered by solar photovoltaics. They allow full control of visible light from outside, thus reducing the dependency on indoor lighting systems, and simultaneously block infra-red energy from entering the room, thus reducing the dependency on air-conditioning systems. We believe our EC smart windows will make an impact in regions with high solar irradiance, such as the Indian subcontinent, by providing a means for managing indoor lighting and temperature to further improve the energy access and welfare of local communities.