We have a long-established and enviable international reputation for our advanced postgraduate education, extensive research activities and professional development courses in gas turbine engineering. Read more Read less

Our history of gas turbine engineering dates back to 1946 and the original Cranfield College of Aeronautics.

We host perhaps the world’s largest MSc degree course relating to propulsion and power systems, and an equivalent doctoral programme. Our Thermal Power MSc is globally unique, internationally renowned for its industrial projects and double degree programmes. There are three annual intakes of the course due to its immense popularity. Many Thermal Power MSc projects happen in conjunction with our industrial partnerships and we also run bespoke courses for clients in the UK and overseas. The Centre strives to provide a steady stream of talented engineers into industry to address the expected skills shortage in the future.

Our staff and students have received numerous international awards (such as the ASME Aircraft Engine Technology Award, Alstom Golden Blade Award and ASME Student Awards), and invitations to deliver keynote and honorary presentations. Thermal Power teaching staff and administrators are also regular winners of Cranfield’s annual Student Led Teaching Awards, accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Royal Aeronautical Society.

We offer an extensive portfolio of gas turbine professional development. As well as the range of open courses offered here at Cranfield, we can also develop bespoke courses tailored to specific needs. Our analytical and testing abilities cover research areas including:

  • Gas turbine design, testing, diagnostics, monitoring and performance;
  • Component design and assessment;
  • Component lifing;
  • Engine and turbomachinery aerodynamics;
  • Techno-Environmental & Economic Risk Analysis (TERA);
  • Multi-disciplinary design optimisation;
  • Experimental and computational methods;
  • Powerplant integration.

The Head of Centre is Professor Pericles Pilidis.

Take a virtual 360° tour of our gas turbine laboratories below.