The portfolio of the Gas Turbine Technology (GTT) Group - led by Professor David McManus - encompasses a wide range of activities across teaching, research, consultancy and professional development. Teaching is mainly focused on the Thermal Power and Propulsion MSc, as well as key contributions to professional development short courses within the school. The GTT Group also leads a large range of PhD studies across a broad range of disciplines, mainly related to thermal, propulsion and power systems.

The Group's researchers comprise PhD and MSc students, as well as a significant team of post-doctoral research fellows and academic staff. Our profile spans fundamental to applied research through close collaborations with academic and industrial partners at national and international level. Our research is supported by industry, UK, EU and international programmes, as well as research council and organisations. Within the Group, there are also specialist teams with notable activities, such as propulsion system integration and icing-related research.

Postgraduate teaching and research includes the following areas:

  • Propulsion system integration and aerodynamics;
  • Turbomachinery aerodynamics;
  • Computational fluid dynamics;
  • Experimental testing and measurement;
  • Advanced aerodynamic instrumentation and measurements;
  • Gas turbine performance analysis and modelling simulation;
  • Intake, nacelle and exhaust system aerodynamics;
  • Icing technologies and testing;
  • Design methods, systems and software development;
  • Novel cycles, alternative fuels, engine degradation and health monitoring methods;
  • Multi-disciplinary and multi-objective optimisation methods;
  • Novel propulsion concepts and design optimisation;
  • Engine control systems;
  • Structural and rotor dynamics;
  • Gas turbine thermal management;
  • Rotary-wing aircraft aerodynamics.
Complex intake rig