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Areas of expertise

  • Aeronautical Systems
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Gas Turbines & Propulsion
  • Power Systems & Turbines


Prof Vassilios Pachidis has managed over the years some of the most prestigious projects and activities within the ‘Propulsion Engineering Centre’ at Cranfield, such as the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre (UTC), the EU FP5 project ‘VIVACE’ and the EU FP7 project ‘Clean Sky JTI’. He has more than 15 years of experience in research, project management and income generation. He has more than 10 years of experience in post-graduate teaching, learning and Continuous Professional Development. He has supervised to date more than 100 postgraduates to completion.

Prof Pachidis is the appointed Chair of the ASME/IGTI ‘Cycle Innovations Committee’ until June 2017. He has been a member of the Committee since 2002. Since 2008 he has been a member of the ‘Clean Sky JTI – Technology Evaluator’ Programme Management and Steering Committees, acting as the ‘UK Research Establishment Representative’ at EU consortium level. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the IMechE.

He has published widely in several international journals in the fields of Aerospace, Gas Turbine Engineering, Fluid Mechanics etc. He has more than 40 peer-reviewed papers in 4* and 3* journals, more than 70 fully peer-reviewed conference papers and 15 other conference publications to date.

He holds a 1st Class Honours MEng in ‘Aerospace Engineering’ from The University of Liverpool (graduated in 2000). He holds an MSc in ‘Thermal Power/Aerospace Propulsion’ (graduated in 2001) and a PhD in ‘Gas Turbine Advanced Performance Simulation’ (graduated in 2006) from Cranfield University. Amongst others, he has been awarded;

  • 5 ASME/IGTI ‘Best Paper’ Awards in 2013, 2012, 2010, 2007 and 2006.
  • The Cranfield School of Engineering ‘Arthur Lefebvre Prize’ in 2006, for his Doctoral work.
  • The IMechE ‘Whittle Reactionaries Medal’ in 2002, for research in novel airframe-propulsion system integration.

Current activities

Prof Vassilios Pachidis is the Director of the ‘Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre (UTC) in Aero Systems Design, Integration & Performance’ at Cranfield (acting Deputy Director 2008-2014). He also heads the ‘Gas Turbine Engineering Group’ within the ‘Propulsion Engineering Centre’ of the School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing (since October 2010). His main research focus is on gas turbine performance and certification, novel cycles, turbomachinery experimental, analytical and computational aerodynamics, propulsion system-airframe integration and environmental performance.


Articles In Journals

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