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Areas of expertise

  • Gas Turbines & Propulsion
  • Power Systems & Turbines


Panos has a BEng degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering from Coventry University, an MSc in Aerospace Vehicle Design from Cranfield University and a PhD on Performance Evaluation and Systems Integration for the More Electric Aircraft from Cranfield University.

During his PhD, he worked closely with Goodrich Corporation on the subjects of All/More Electric Aircraft as well as the use of an electric motor to drive an afterburner pump.

In 2003, he joined the Rolls Royce Cranfield University Technology Centre as a research fellow where he led a number of industrially sponsored projects including the aerodynamic and performance assessment of gas turbines in enclosed test bed facilities.

In 2006, he left the University for a year to work as the project manager for a Technology Strategy Board sponsored project. He returned to Cranfield University in 200, where he worked on gas turbines lifing. In 2013, he became the Director for the Centre of Gas Turbine Diagnostics and Life Cycle Costs.

Current activities

Panos has a strong research interest in gas turbine performance, lifing and integration. He is working closely with a number of industrial partners including Rolls Royce, Alstom and BP, and is leading the research activities of the Power and Propulsion Department on the subjects of gas turbine life assessment, performance enhancements and distributed propulsion.

His interest on gas turbine life assessment includes:

  • Complete Modelling of Engine Performance
  • Thermal Analysis and Blade Cooling
  • FEA Modelling
  • Thermal Modelling
  • Modelling of Creep
  • Oxidation
  • Thermo Mechanical Fatigue (TMF).

Panos is also carrying out research on novel cycles and novel engine configurations. He lectures on Mechanical Design of Turbomachinery and Engine Testing in the Thermal Power course. He is also the Course Director for the following CPD courses:


  • Alstom
  • BP
  • Goodrich Corporation
  • Rolls Royce


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