The Centre for Energy Systems and Strategy is a hub for leading-edge research, teaching and consultancy that helps individuals, businesses and policy makers by modelling the requirements and needs of the energy and power consumers, and the technologies related to the direct delivery of their needs. Read more Read less

Our work is based on analyses of future technologies and change, sound science, and an understanding of the processes that affect natural capital stocks and the flow of ecosystem goods and services and how we make these resilient and sustainable.

We work closely with UK and international governments, industries, and charities using a transdisciplinary approach to improve organisational and environmental resilience. We seek to link environmental, social, economic, political and technical aspects to help inform decision-making at local, regional and global scales. We apply this approach in our research, our consultancy, and with our postgraduate student community.

We are a world leader in developing new approaches to energy systems planning via consumption modelling / prediction, policy development, economic analysis, energy distribution technologies, energy trading technologies, digitization, AI and Blockchain.