We are leading a work stream to identify and analyse the sustainability and wellbeing impacts of concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) plants on local communities in five global locations.
  • Dates2018-2022
  • SponsorEuropean Commission, Horizon 2020 (H2020-LCE-2017-RES-IA)
  • Funded€10,812,503.52
  • PartnersTSK Electronica Y Electricidad SA

Using expert interviews and focus groups, we will identify the impacts of CSP plants on the socio-economic development and livelihood of local communities. We will investigate the communities’ perceptions of the costs and benefits of CSP plants, their impacts on the availability of water resources, and any changes impinged upon their daily lives (for better or worse).

This work stream is part of the Solving Water Issues for CSP Plants (SOLWARIS) project which has a broader remit to develop a set of tools, methods and technologies to reduce demands for water by CSP plants. It is funded via H2020-LCE-2017-RES-IA.

Progress update

September 2020

We undertook our first field work in Upington, South Africa in communities near the Khi Solar One plant – read more on our LinkedIn blog.

Further information

For more information, please visit the SOLWARIS website.