Dr Mingming Zhu – Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Dr Zhu is leading research into ammonia and its appropriate uses.


Prof John Oakey – Professor in Energy Technology

Prof Oakey is leading work at Cranfield looking at various CCS and utilisation technologies and how they can be brought to bear at industrial scale.

Environmental economics

Dr Chikage Miyoshi – Reader in Environment Systems for Aerospace

Dr Miyoshi studies the environmental economics of sustainability across the aerospace sector, including carbon trading and offsetting.

Prof Nazmiye Ozkan – Professor in Sustainable Energy Transitions and Head of Centre for Energy Systems and Strategy, and Dr Da Huo – Lecturer in Energy Systems Intelligence.

Prof Ozkan and Dr Huo are researching the socio-technical aspects of the hydrogen transition across sectors.

Prof Phil Longhurst – Director of Partnerships in the School of Water, Energy and Environment and Professor of Environment and Energy Technology.

Prof Longhurst has a PhD in Innovation and Technology Assessment, a degree in Design and Technology, and BEd (Hons). His involvement with hydrogen is in researching and understanding which technologies are likely to win through in the race to market, with a particular focus on feedstocks and production techniques.

Catalyst materials

Dr Indrat Aria – Senior Lecturer in Functional Nanomaterials

Dr Aria is researching new catalyst materials for electrolysis of hydrogen.