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Areas of expertise

  • Electric Power Machines
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Energy Asset Management
  • Energy Policy & Regulation
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Renewable Energy


Prof Ozkan is an interdisciplinary energy economist and the head of Centre for Energy Systems and Strategy

After completing a BSc (Hons) in Urban and Regional Planning (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey) and a MSc in Regional Planning (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey), Prof Ozkan undertook her PhD research in Regional Planning with specialisation on Environmental Economics (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), U.S.A.).

She then worked as a post doctoral researcher at Regional Economics Applications Laboratory at UIUC. Between 2005 and 2014, she worked as a Senior Research Fellow at Policy Studies Institute at University of Westminster where she led a number of research projects.

She is a member of British Institute of Energy Economics.

Research opportunities

I'm interested in supervising PhD students with a research interest in:

- Modelling and analysis of energy transitions at different scales (from households to local to national)

- Development of socio-technical frameworks to inform energy planning and policy

- Development of social and spatial frameworks to study energy transitions and innovation

- Economics of and distributional impacts of energy transition (ie energy justice)

Current activities

Nazmiye's main research interests include energy systems analysis; integration of environment, economy and energy models; social construction of smart grids across space and time as well as its implications for policy. With a background in urban and regional planning, she is interested in understanding the interactions between social, economic, environmental and technological systems, from household up to network and city level.

Nazmiye worked on various projects funded by the UK Government, UK research councils and the EU FP7 programmes. She acted as a peer reviewer for the assessment of various energy models for the EU, New Zealand Government and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. She was on secondment to DECC in 2011 to work on the quantitative analysis of different scenarios for The Carbon Plan: Delivering our Low Carbon Future.

Research Grants:

Protecting Minority Ethnic Communities Online, UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (PRIME, EP/W032082/1, CoI, £1.9M), 2022-2025.

Multi-Actor Governance framework for the electrifICation of airports (MAGIC), UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council/ DTE Network+ (PI, £50K), 2022-2023.

Urban development, energy infrastructure and sustainable mobility, UK Economic and Social Research Council (UDESMO, ES/W01064X/1, PI, £50K), 2022-2023.

DEmonstration of concentrated SOLar power coupled wIth advaNced desAlinaTion system in the gulf regION (DESOLINATION), European Commission Horizon 2020 Programme (Co-I: ~9.995M), 2021-2025.

Low carbon energy demand scenarios for aviation (LOCESA), DfT/ Connected Places Catapult (PI, £50,000), 2021-2022.

Mobility as a service: MAnaging Cybersecurity Risks across Consumers, Organisations and Sectors (MACRO), EPSRC (PI, £550,000), 2021-2023.

Management of Disaster Risk and Societal Resilience (MADIS - replacing TOCO_DR), Belmont Forum (Co-I, ~1.1M), 2020-2023.

South Africa energy infrastructure planning for rural urbanisation based on optimal peer-to-peer energy sharing (Royal Academy of Engineering, 2020-2022, CoI, £27,200).

Advanced grid services provided by optimised EV community and fleet charging (Innovate UK, 2020-2021, CoI, £60,000)

Peer-to-peer energy trading in a community microgrid (Higher Education Innovation Fund, 2019-2020)

'Just' Energy Transitions within SEMLEP Region (JET-SEMLEP) (Higher Education Innovation Fund, 2019-2021)

Sustainable energy transitions in South Africa: socio-economic aspects (Global Challenges Research Fund, 2019-2020, PI: £19,921)

Solving Water Issues for Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plants (SOLWATT), European Commission Horizon 2020 Programme (Co-I: ~10.8M), 2018-2022.

Harmonising and UPgrading GREENhouse gas removal consequential Life Cycle Assessment (UP-green-LCA), UK Natural Environment Research Council (NE/P019668/1, Co-I: £300K), 2017-2020.

New Methods and Data for Energy Research (NEMDER), UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/R002320/1, PI: £80K), 2017-2018.

Optimising Energy Management in Industry (OPTEMIN), UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/P004636/1, Co-I: £2M), 2016-2021.

Smarter Regulation of Waste in Europe, Scottish Environment Protection Agency (PI: £33K), 2016.

Consumer preferences for smart homes: a comparative study between the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy, E.ON International Research Initiative 2012, (PI: ~200K), 2012-2013.

Scenarios for the development of smart grids in the UK, UK Energy Research Centre/Natural Environment Research Council (NE/J005975/1, PI: £625K), 2011-2014.

Analysing Transition planning and Systemic Energy Planning Tools for the implementation of the Energy Technology Information System (ATEsT), European Commission Framework Prog., (Co-I: ~895K), 2009- 2012.

Carbon Calculations over the Life Cycle of Industrial Activities, UK Engineering Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/F003501/1, Co-I: £1.2M), 2008-2010.

Current PhD students:

Laura Antonia Faerber - Rethinking the organisational structure of energy utilities through innovation

Joel Gordon - Decarbonisation of gas networks via hydrogen: socially acceptable and fair strategies

Zahrau Kasim Yahaya - Domestic energy supply use and women empowerment in Nigeria: A case for renewable energy

Zara Abba - Managing investment risks in the development of decentralised renewable energy systems

Yiming Xu- Development of Peer-to-peer Energy Trading Platform and Pricing Algorithm

Mirac Celik - Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading with Community-Level Virtual Storage Units


  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
  • Department for Energy Security and Net Zero
  • Department for Transport
  • Committee on Climate Change (DEFRA)
  • European Commission
  • UK Energy Research Centre
  • E.ON SE
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • East West Railway Company Ltd


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