Low mood?

If you are feeling lonely or isolated yourself, or are worried about the social isolation of a flatmate or someone you know, please contact the Student Wellbeing and Disability Support team. Our staff are here to listen and support you and are Mental Health First Aid trained. They may be able to check in with that student to see how they are doing. Also have a look at the wide range of online resources and support available on our wellbeing page.

I am worried about a student, but I am not sure whether this information can be passed on as I do not have their consent?

You can discuss any concerns or observations with the Student Wellbeing and Disability Support team and this can be done anonymously, without giving us the student’s name. We will offer you appropriate advice and an assessment of whether the concerns/information need to be shared any further at this stage, including where there is a concern over a student’s wellbeing or safety. 

I know a student came to see you. Can you provide me with some feedback?

In line with our Confidentiality Policy, we are not able to discuss the student’s individual circumstances without their express consent; however, we can confirm whether the student has accessed our service.

I've not been able to make contact with a student, what should I do?

The staff in the Student Wellbeing and Disability Support team can help contact the student, inviting them to a meeting whereby they can discuss any matters in confidence. This may be useful for those students who cannot or will not discuss concerns directly with their department. Our purpose would be to support the student, particularly in re-establishing the link with the department who can advise them on their academic continuation. The Student Wellbeing and Disability Support team can also help escalate a case where there is an immediate concern.

Emergency support

In an emergency, if a student is threatening to harm themselves or another person, is disorientated or out of touch with reality, call 999 immediately then call Security on 2222, who will inform the appropriate member of staff. If you or another student are feeling mentally unwell, or have suffered some other emotional trauma, please ring Security on 2222 if you are in on-campus accommodation, and seek help via the NHS Urgent Mental Health helpline. 

Guidance for staff

Student Loss of Contact Form
Loss of Contact Procedure
Student Welfare Handbook
Fitness to Study Policy
Prevent duty statement
Safeguarding Policy 
Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy