Life-threatening Emergency

Call 999 in a medical emergency then call Security 01234 750111 or extension number 2222 if you are in Cranfield on-campus accommodation.

This is when someone is seriously ill or injured and their life is at risk.

Medical emergencies can include:

  • loss of consciousness
  • an acute confused state, disorientated
  • fits that aren't stopping
  • chest pain
  • breathing difficulties
  • severe bleeding that can't be stopped
  • severe allergic reactions
  • severe burns or scalds

Also call 999 if you think someone has had a major trauma, such as after a serious road traffic accident, a fall from height, or a serious head injury.

NHS Urgent Mental Health 

If someone is threatening to harm themselves or another person, or if you or someone else is feeling mentally unwell, or have suffered some other emotional trauma, call NHS Urgent Mental Health helpline 111, Option 2, available 24hrs for anyone in a mental health crisis. 

Non-life-threatening emergency

If it's not a life-threatening emergency and you or the person you're with doesn't need immediate medical attention, please consider other options before dialling 999 including: