Cranfield University welcomes applications from students from all over the world. Here we explain how to complete your application including information, advice and guidance to help you through the process. You can apply online for all of our taught and research courses.

There is strong competition for places on our programmes and, we recommend that you apply as early as possible to secure your place. This is also important if you want to apply for on-campus accommodation or need to apply for a visa to study in the UK as these processes will take additional time after your course offer has been made.

If you are an international student* applying for a course starting in September, we strongly advise you to submit your application by 12 June 2023 (for Shrivenham courses) and 3 July 2023 (for Cranfield courses) at the very latest.

In addition, all applicants (both UK and International) are advised to check for any specific course deadlines that may apply. These can be found in the ‘How to apply’ section on each course page.

*Irish nationals and EU nationals with settled or pre-settled status can continue to apply beyond these dates.

Degree preparation at Kaplan International College London

International students who do not meet the direct entry requirements may qualify for degree preparation with Kaplan International College London.

Pre-Master’s – successful completion of a Pre-Master's pathway guarantees your acceptance onto your chosen master’s course.

Pre-Doctorate – provides specialist modules that equip students with a broad set of academic and research skills needed for a doctoral degree.

Admissions feedback, complaints and appeals

Admissions feedback

Applications may be unsuccessful for several reasons. Sometimes there are more applications than places on a particular course, or an application may not meet the standard entry requirements.

We don’t routinely provide feedback to applicants on the reasons for our decisions. If you wish to request feedback on an unsuccessful application, please email admissions.

Complaints and appeals

We are committed to ensuring that all applications are considered fairly and within our defined procedures. Where applicants require sponsorship under the UK’s points-based immigration system, we are subject to external restrictions and requirements, which may affect our offer decision.

We will therefore only consider appeals or complaints in the following circumstances:

  • if you believe there has been a significant failure in the admissions procedure,

  • if you believe you have been discriminated against unlawfully.

Cranfield University will not consider complaints or appeals based on any other reason, including where incomplete or inaccurate information has been provided. In line with our data protection policies, we don’t consider any appeals or complaints from anyone on your behalf. We do not share personal information with anyone outside the University, without your express consent.

Appeals or complaints should be made by emailing admissions. You should receive a response acknowledging your complaint, or appeal, within 10 working days.

The Assistant Registrar or senior colleague will review your complaint or appeal and consult the relevant Head of School, or an appropriate representative. You will receive a full reply to your complaint, or appeal, including a reason for any final decision. This may include more detail about the initial outcome of your application. The outcome of any decision will be the final position of the University. The University will retain a record of your complaint or appeal for monitoring purposes to enable us to regularly review and improve our service.

Student protection plan

We publish a Student Protection Plan in line with the Office for Students (OfS) expectations. The plan sets out the University’s approach to ensuring the continuation and quality of study for students should a risk to the continuation of their study arise.