Your application will go through several stages before a decision is reached - we’ll keep you informed along the way.

How we assess your application

Once you have submitted your application you will receive an email acknowledgement that it has been safely received. The admissions team will then evaluate your application and check it is complete, before sending it to an academic decision maker for your chosen course. This will usually happen within 5 working days from submission of your application, although it can take longer during busy periods.

If your application is incomplete, or we need any additional information or documentation to evaluate your application we will be in touch by email.

Once the academic decision maker has confirmed a decision to admissions on your application, we will notify you by email.

We will confirm a decision on your application form as soon as possible. For taught courses we aim to do this within 21 days of receiving a complete application with full documentation. Decisions on research applications usually take more time as we need to see whether we have a suitable supervisor and finalise a project proposal.

Fee status

Cranfield, in line with other universities in the UK, charge two levels of tuition fee – a ‘home’ fee and an ‘overseas’ fee. The criteria for which fee you pay is determined by the UK government.

Find out more about our tuition fees.

Further information about how fee status is assessed can be found on the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website.

We will make an assessment to decide whether you will be charged the ‘home’ or ‘overseas’ fee. The fee amount will then be confirmed in your official course offer letter. If you believe we have made an incorrect assessment of your fee status, please contact admissions for further advice.

If we are unable to assess your fee status we will notify you by email and will ask you to complete a Fee Status Questionnaire. This is an online form which you will need to complete to provide further information, for example about your immigration status and where you have been residing, that will allow us to complete the assessment. You may also be required to provide additional documentation to support your application.

You should complete the Fee Status Questionnaire as soon as possible, as any delay may hold up a decision on your application.


Some of our courses require an interview to assess your suitability. If an interview is required you will receive an email from admissions inviting you to login to our applicant portal, EVE, where you will be able to select an interview date and time. Most interviews are conducted via a video call or by telephone with a member of academic staff.

If for any reason you are unable to attend the interview you can reschedule the date in the applicant portal, EVE.

During the interview you will be asked to discuss your reasons for applying to the course and future career aspirations. You will be tested on your knowledge, understanding and experience of the subject area. There will also be the opportunity for you to ask any questions you have about the course.

Following your interview, the academic interviewer will notify the outcome to admissions who will then contact you by email to confirm a decision on your application. It will usually take up to 5 working days to notify you of the outcome of the interview.