Receiving an offer

If your application is successful you will receive a formal offer of admission. This will be a conditional or an unconditional offer and will be sent to you by email. You will also be able to view the offer in our applicant portal, EVE.

Our offer letters include information about:

  • your chosen course
  • your period of study including the start date
  • your supervisors (research courses only)
  • your project title and area of research (research courses only)
  • the tuition fee for your course as well as any additional costs
  • details of any bursaries where these have been awarded (these are financial contributions towards the cost of tuition)
  • ATAS and whether it is a requirement for your course
  • the deadline to accept your offer and details of the deposit required (if applicable)
  • any conditions of your offer

Conditional offers

Your offer will be conditional if there are still requirements you need to meet to progress your application. Offer conditions can include providing documents as evidence that you meet the academic entry requirements, including evidence of your previous qualifications, an English test or references. If you have not yet completed your current studies, the letter will outline the minimum results you must achieve to be accepted on to the course.

The offer letter will also outline any non-academic conditions, which may include a tuition fee deposit if required for your course.

Unconditional offers

Your offer letter will be unconditional if you have already met the academic and non-academic requirements for your chosen course, including payment of the tuition fee deposit where applicable.

Accepting your offer

To accept and secure your place, you must respond to your offer by the date stated in your offer letter. This deadline is to accept your place and pay the tuition fee deposit (where applicable) and does not refer to fulfilment of conditions of your offer.

You do not need to wait for the deadline to accept your offer, we encourage you to do this as soon as possible so you can secure your place on the course. When you accept the offer, you are not committing yourself to the University, but an early indication of your intent to study with us helps us to manage the admissions process and plan for student arrivals.

To respond to the offer, click on ‘Respond to offer’ in our applicant portal, EVE. If you think you will be unable to respond to the offer by the date specified in your offer letter, please contact admissions to see if we are able to extend the deadline. If you fail to respond by the date in the offer letter, we may withdraw the offer.


Most taught and research applicants offered a place are required to pay a deposit towards the cost of the tuition fee to secure a place on the course. The deadline for payment and the amount required will be specified in your offer letter. The deposit amount will be deducted from the cost of the tuition fee.

Pay online

Deposits are intended as non-refundable guarantees of your intention to take up the offer of a place at the University. If you pay the deposit and then change your mind, you have a statutory right to receive a refund of the deposit if the withdrawal is made within 14 calendar days of payment. We will also consider a deposit refund if there are exceptional circumstances outside of your control, these are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Further guidance on refunding tuition fee deposits can be found in this document. To be considered for a deposit refund please read the guidance carefully and complete the request for tuition fee deposit refund form.

For sponsored students, the requirement to pay the deposit will be waived if a letter can be provided confirming that all tuition fees will be paid by the sponsor.

International students who require a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) are required to pay the course deposit, or provide evidence of financial sponsorship, before a CAS is issued.

Meeting the conditions of your offer

You will be able to see a list of any remaining conditions in our applicant portal, EVE. These will be listed in the section called ‘requirements’ and you will be able to upload the relevant document against each requirement. Each time you upload a document, admissions will verify if the requirement has been met and you will see the status updated to confirm this. You should allow up to five working days for your document to be verified and the status to be amended in the applicant portal.

Once all of your offer conditions have been met we will update your status in the applicant portal, to confirm that your offer is unconditional. We will not automatically provide a new offer letter, but if you require a letter confirming the offer is unconditional you can request this from admissions by email.

Terms and conditions of offer

All offers issued are subject to the University’s standard terms and conditions. These are outlined in the document called ‘Accompanying Information and Conditions of Offer’ and will be included in the offer letter we issue to you. These terms are additional to any academic or non-academic conditions listed in the offer letter.

Read our current terms and conditions.
Tuition fees and payment options.
How to pay your deposit and fees.

Deferring your offer

If you are unable to take up your place on the course, we are usually able to offer one deferral to the next available start date. For many of our courses this will mean delaying your studies to the next academic year. To request a deferral please email admissions.

If your request for a deferral is successful, you will receive notification from admissions and a new offer letter confirming the new course start date. You may be required to take a new English language test if your original test expires before the new course start date. If you have already paid the tuition fee deposit, we will carry this over to the new offer and you will not be required to pay it again.

If your request for a deferral is unsuccessful, we will ask you to submit a new application for the next academic year. If your new application is successful and you have already paid the tuition fee deposit, we will carry this over to the new offer and you will not be required to pay it again. If you have paid the tuition fee deposit, there is no automatic right to a refund if your request for a deferral is declined, or your new application is unsuccessful. Find out more about our deposit refund policy.