Supervisor/s: Professor Michael Bourlakis & Dr Farooq Habib


Major operational, organisational and digital transformations in the retail sector have re-shaped the structure and processes of its supply and demand chains, and introduced a new concept of omni-channel, which let customers search for, pay for, receive and return products via various, well-integrated and channels, with full visibility and accessibility.

The nascent literature on omni-channel has been linked with or addressed different topics such as e-commerce, off-line to on-line problems, last-mile delivery models and customer shopping experience. This research field, however, needs further cutting-edge studies to further explore and analyse the omni-channel complications and complexities in practice.

Possible Research Areas

Interested PhD applicants are invited to submit their proposals for a doctoral-level research on omni-channel, which can address the following areas:

  • Analytical modelling of physical and virtual flows in omni-channel
  • The impact of new technological trends such as disruptive manufacturing on omni-channel structure and operations
  • The role and impact of data quality and integration in omni-channel systems
  • Omni-channel performance measurement and management

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Professor Michael Bourlakis 

Dr Farooq Habib