The shift in financial intermediation from banks to financial markets has been a dominant feature of the global economy. For Hayek (financial) markets are of paramount importance as they form the only legitimate and reliable foundation able to promulgate a stable social order and economic progress. Putting this epistemological claim to the test can potentially provide us with novel evidence on the social efficiency of capitalism. This is a great opportunity for a prospective candidate who wishes to engage in a challenging research journey exploring the impact of financialization on any of the following aspects of the global economy: economic growth, inequality, and financial stability. 

Supervisors: Professor Constantinos Alexiou and Dr Nemanja Radic 

Application details: The PhD candidate should hold a minimum 2.1 class undergraduate degree in economics, finance or related discipline and have passed, or expect to have passed by autumn, a Master’s degree or equivalent research experience in a work setting. See Admission Requirements for English language requirements.

Deadline: Expressions of interest alongside a CV are invited via email to and