Developments in retail banking: can digital-based banking models deliver sustained profitability?

Digital technology has provided an array of opportunities for the banking sector, including new ways of reaching out to customers and the potential to reduce some of the operational costs. However, this also presents challenges to banking institutions, with an increased level of competition in the sector from both banks and other organisations providing financial services and the resulting impact on profitability. In particular, some of the so-called neo-banks are experiencing such challenges, struggling to achieve profitability despite an increase in their customer base.

This is an excellent opportunity for a student to engage in a scholarly activity with is of much relevance, at present, to the banking sector.

Supervisor:  This project will be supervised by Professor Catarina Figueira, an expert in banking who advises a number of financial institutions and regularly engages with bankers, having also developed the first Mastership programme in retail and digital banking in the UK.

Application details:  The PhD candidate should hold a minimum 2.1 class undergraduate degree in economics, finance or related discipline and have passed, or expect to have passed by autumn, a Master’s degree or equivalent research experience in a work setting. See Admission Requirements for English language requirements.

Deadline:  Expressions of interest alongside a CV are invited via email to