The Complex Systems Research Centre (CSRC) aims to develop and apply complex systems theory to real-world problems concerning infrastructure systems.  Complexity Science provides an overarching scientific perspective for research with practical relevance. Read more Read less

In the CSRC complex systems thinking is applied to a wide variety of issues, focusing on infrastructure systems and supply networks and supported in the main by funding from UK Research Councils and the European Union. The research undertaken covers a wide range of themes, such as: innovation in new services and business models; technological, behavioural, and policy interventions towards resilient and sustainable systems; and the mechanisms explaining the interdependency, feedback and co-evolution of multi-scale, spatial and temporal systems.

Nearly all of our research is both inter and intra university bringing together diverse disciplinary perspectives aiming towards fundamental explanations of how and why real world systems become manifest.  We are especially concerned to embrace outcomes not solely for the economy but also for the environment and society.  Adopting mixed methods research designs we recognize that research demands consideration of both qualitative and quantitative data and that research is iterative and never conclusive.  There are many plausible explanations for real-world phenomena and we strive towards improving the methods with more explanatory power, such as the insights from agent-based modelling, a quantitative, computational method.