Co-Production of Healthy, Sustainable Food Systems for Disadvantaged Communities

The project's core aim is to provide citizens of socio-culturally diverse disadvantaged communities with choice over the food they consume, by co-developing new products, new supply chains and new policy frameworks that will deliver an affordable, attractive, healthy and sustainable diet.

Reverse Logistics in Circular Economy

The project will provide clear strategies to enable effective supply chain of servitised products by developing the reverse logistics process based on the circular economy principles.

The Influences of Circular Economy Principles on Value Proposition Development in Business Markets

In this research, we explore the influence of an emerging trend towards 'circular economy' on your customer value proposition design and how the principles of a circular economy influence both your business development practice as well as the customer value.

The project focuses on developing a set of operational strategies that can contribute to prolong the life of the servitised products in the context of circular economy.

Leadership and Performance Behaviours in Next Generation Supply Chains

This research project seeks to identify the leadership and behaviours needed to better steer and secure the successful change required in the strategic leverage of supply chain concepts.

Future trends in logistics and supply chain management

We are identifying the major logistics and supply chain management trends which will have an impact on specific sectors in the next five years.

Cost to serve

Identifying the effects of GS1 standards on apparel (clothing) supply chains


Co-opetition takes place where rival companies come together.


The project will contribute to our understanding of freight distribution in urban areas.


This project aims to reduce waste in the food supply chain.

Service Parts Inventory Management

The project focuses on inventory optimisation of service parts to increase availability and reliability of the system.

Cranfield investigates ways to improve platelet distribution

NHS Blood and Transplant has teamed up with Cranfield to improve nation-wide distribution of these very short shelf life products.

How E-Commerce is Transforming the World of B2B

DHL Express and Cranfield School of Management release a joint white paper which reveals how e-commerce is transforming the world of B2B.