The Centre for Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain Management at Cranfield School of Management is partnering with Vodafone Logistics to establish its ‘Grow with Logistics Academy’.

The ‘Grow with Logistics Academy’ is a strategic development which highlights Vodafone’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and continuous transformation of its supply chain, aiming to establish new benchmarks within the telecommunications supply chains.

The ‘Grow with Logistics Academy’ will offer the Vodafone Logistics’ team an opportunity for continuous professional development led by renowned subject experts at Cranfield. The curriculum has been structured around the latest business thought leadership and industry trends, covering crucial areas including supply planning, inventory management, reverse logistics and sustainable operations. Cranfield University academics will deliver the courses through a combination of in-person and digital learning platforms.

Associate Professor Ioannis Koliousis, Director of Executive Development Programmes for Supply Chain Management, said: “This Academy will not only support the Vodafone Logistics team in driving consistency in its supply chain operations across the different markets in which it operates, but in shaping the next generation of Supply Chain Leaders. My academic colleagues and I will focus on helping the Vodafone team transform and strengthen its supply chain, as well as helping deliver superior performance and planet commitments.”

The people development programme is part of Vodafone’s Logistics transformation and aligns with plans to open a Pan European logistics hub in Luxembourg to simplify its physical supply chain across Europe, making it more agile and resilient.

“We’re going to run all of our physical supply chain from our control tower in Luxembourg. To accelerate this transformation, we are investing in our people and in the creation of a green and automated Pan-European hub, where we can showcase our products and services,” commented Ninian Wilson, Global Supply Chain Director & CEO at Vodafone Procurement Company.

“Initiating the Grow with Logistics Academy in partnership with Cranfield University underscores our unwavering commitment to investing in our team and maintaining a competitive edge. This programme is at the heart of logistics transformation and will equip the team with the skills required for the future,” stated Reinhard Stefan Plaza Bartsch, Head of Global Logistics at Vodafone Procurement Company.

Professor David Oglethorpe, Cranfield University Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the School of Management, added: “We are very excited to partner with the Vodafone Logistics team and to support the company’s logistics transformation across Europe. Our academic expertise, our training facilities and our ethos will offer a transformational experience to the team at Vodafone and we are looking forward to a deep collaboration.”

The Grow with Logistics Academy commenced in June 2024, and will equip the Vodafone Logistics team with the skills required to shape the future of its physical supply chain.