Atos, the global leader in digital transformation, and Cranfield School of Management have been awarded a 2021 European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) Excellence in Practice Silver Award.

The award was made in the category ‘Talent Development’ for the successful ‘Programme Management Masterclass’ co-designed by Atos University and Cranfield Executive Development. Over 250 Atos employees from 26 countries have benefitted from the customised programme, which aims to develop senior project managers into programme managers.

The programme was developed using Cranfield Executive Development’s ‘Design for Impact’ approach, which mapped and interweaved Atos's business needs and processes into the customised delivery.

Prasanna Shivakamat, Group Head Learning and Development, Atos, said: “World-class programme management is essential to ensuring Atos can be the trusted partner of clients in their journeys of digital transformation, and keep their businesses competitive in global environments.

“The Programme Management Masterclass co-created with Cranfield School of Management has become an integral component of professional development for our people at Atos University. Participants are consistently bowled over by the business-reality of Cranfield’s Grounded Experiential Learning technique that is the red-thread woven through the development journey.

“We have seen first-hand evidence of its positive impact on our customers, so it is wonderful to also have this recognised by the EFMD community. Now in its 7th year, the close collaborative partnership of Atos University with Cranfield throughout every step is constantly reaping rewards.”

David Deegan, Director of Practice Development at Cranfield Executive Development, said: “The fundamental ethos that guides customised executive development at Cranfield is our commitment to partnerships that transform.

“Working hand-in-hand with Atos, we have been daring in the level of learning challenges we present to participants, and it is a joy to see them blossom as a result. To then see that personal transformation translate into organisational transformation, which in turn delights clients and drives their businesses forward, is a joy and a privilege.

“To have not only continued successfully delivering this innovative programme during the challenges of the global pandemic, but to also have its impact acknowledged by EFMD is a tremendous honour and is a powerful affirmation of the commitment of our expert and inspirational delivery team.”

Group photograph showing Atos participants on the Cranfield Executive Development Programme Management Masterclass
Some of the Atos employees who have benefitted from the Programme Management Masterclass