Cranfield's proven process for managing key accounts profitably. We have taken the lead in Europe for key account management research.

For the past twenty years, Cranfield has pioneered the development of the discipline in Key Account Management (KAM). We are confident that no other programme provider in Europe knows more to help you leverage key account relationships for longer term profits.

Our KAM Best Practice programme is based on processes and tools developed by many world leading businesses with supply chain at the heart of their delivery model and who are members of Cranfield’s KAM Best Practice Research Club.

Before these processes and tools are accepted into our programme curriculum we test and fine tune them, a process that can take years. The results are worthwhile. You will gain powerful insights that, once applied, will improve your key account profitability.

This flagship programme shows you how to adopt a practical approach to planning, analysing and implementing a closer relationship with your strategic accounts. Delivering our most recently developed insights, you will comprehensively explore and analyse your strategic customers to:

  • Identify and prioritise key accounts to measure their profitability.
  • Develop customer-focused strategies.
  • Create powerful value propositions that deepen customer relationships.

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Programme information – Hybrid

  • Dates
    • 09 - 11 Oct 2024
    • 02 - 04 Apr 2025
    • 08 - 10 Oct 2025
  • Duration3 days + Opening webinar
  • LocationHybrid (either online or Face-to-Face at Cranfield)
  • Cost£4,750 + VAT, including accommodation (or £4,150 + VAT Online only) Concessions available

What you will learn

You will gain:

Joining an experienced group of fellow KAM practitioners, you will gain:

  • State of art knowledge and tools for creating an effective key account management process.
  • Strategic understanding on how to focus your time and attention appropriately in the development of key accounts.
  • Improved collaboration skills with key customers. 

Your organisation will gain:

  • Capability to deliver more profitable key account management for every strategic customer.
  • Alignment of key account management processes with business strategy.
  • A more knowledgeable and effective key account team.
  • An improved understanding of your customers and better long-term relationships.
  • An immediate business impact through the creation of a strategic plan for your most valuable customer (chosen by you).

Core content

Taught by a faculty with extensive experience in business, you will benefit from the creative practices of your industry peer cohort working in a range of sectors.

The pragmatic design of the programme curriculum walks you through the creation of a three year key account plan for your chosen customer. The goal is to create a plan ready for immediate implementation to share with confidence to colleagues prior to launch.

During the programme you will:

  • Develop and apply a strategic key account plan for a specific customer.
  • Benefit from peer group input, challenges and support.
  • Gain a rare opportunity to network and exchange best practice with industry peers and subject experts.
  • Be exposed to the latest thinking in key account management.


Key Account Strategy and Customer Understanding

  • World Class Key Account Management (KAM)
  • The Relationship Development Model (RDM)
  • Managing the Key Account Portfolio
  • Understanding the customer’s world

KAM Strategies, Mapping and Value Propositions

  • Developing KAM strategies 
  • Relationship Mapping
  • Breakthrough value propositions

KAM Teams, The Customers View and Measuring Value

  • KAM Plan Surgery and feedbacks
  • The Key Account Manager and Effective KAM teams 
  • Effective KAM Teams exercise
  • Measuring KAM Value

Who should attend

Experienced Sales and Key Account Executives who wish to broaden and update their skills and knowledge in order to manage key relationships appropriately and profitably.

  • Senior Sales Directors and Managers.
  • Key Account Directors and Managers.
  • Business Development Directors and Managers.
  • Commercial Directors and Managers.
  • All those responsible for supporting key accounts.

Programme Directors

Dr Sue Holt

Key Contributor

Mark Davies


20% discount (Tuition fee only) for Cranfield School of Management Alumni.

Accommodation options and prices

Tuition, course materials and full board accommodation are included in the price of this course.

What is Hybrid?

Regardless of whether you choose to participate in-person or online, both modes of training offer equal benefits and you can expect to achieve the same learning outcomes and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge from the programme.

The programme is delivered by experienced team of tutors who possess the expertise and knowledge to effectively deliver the material and provide guidance to all the participants.

Both face-to-face and online delegates have opportunities for interactive learning and will engage in live discussions, participate in group activities, and receive immediate feedback from the tutors.

All delegates have equal access to training materials, resources, and support services. Irrespective of the mode of attendance, the programme aims to deliver a tailored learning experience that meets the needs of all participants considering various learning styles and ensuring that individuals can engage with the content effectively.

Although the modes of interaction may differ, both face-to-face and online delegates have the chance to connect with fellow participants, fostering networking and collaboration. In-person attendees can build relationships during breaks and group activities, while online attendees can engage in virtual networking events and utilize digital platforms to communicate with peers.

The programme awards the same certification to both face-to-face and online delegates. The programme's value and recognition remain consistent, regardless of the chosen mode of participation.

How to apply

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