Designed specifically for former delegates of the Business Growth Programme   

The BGP Advisory Boards provide past participants of the Business Growth Programme with continuing training, support and mentoring, building on the unique Cranfield approach to owner-managed businesses. They consist in a series of regional groups, each chaired and facilitated by an experienced member of our Business Growth Programme teaching staff. 

Here are just some examples of specific issues raised by participants and addressed at BGP Advisory Board events: 

  • Turning a loss-making business into a substantially profitable operation - cutting loose a loss-making associated activity 
  • Restructuring a business for a new phase of growth, creating a new branding structure Integrating new acquisitions 
  • Planning and implementing a management buyout 
  • Planning for exit 
  • Executing sale and exit
  • How to deal with a fall out between key members of the team
  • How to enter a new market
  • How to handle a demanding supplier.


Benefits of the BGP Advisory Board

  • 6 board meetings to learn more about leadership and management, and solve the issues of your business.
  • 6 one-to-one mentoring sessions with your group Facilitator who is one of the BGP Counselling team.
  • Premium membership of the Cranfield Alumni Network, the 65,000 member alumni body of the University. Alumni services include career management, recruitment and specialist speaker events. 
  • Priority free access to Cranfield Venture Day.
  • Privileged access to online details of current Cranfield School of Management master’s students for recruitment purposes 
  • Access to current Cranfield students to work on business projects at no or minimal cost 
  • Preferential rates at Cranfield Management Development Centre.   


Ten reasons to join a BGP Advisory Board

  1. It continues and strengthens the developmental process begun on BGP. 
  2. Taking part in the BGP is part of a journey, not the final destination. If you valued the learning you took from your peers on the BGP, you’ll value what you learn from your fellow members.  
  3. BGP Advisory Board groups are facilitated only by experienced BGP counsellors who are all expert in getting the most out of the people they work with.
  4. The business issues that are key to you can be addressed as they happen and tracked and monitored as they unfold. 
  5. You own the solution to your own issues. You get the benefit of fantastic advice and support, but at the end of the day the resolution is down to you.  
  6. As one member memorably put it, you effectively get the benefit of a roomful of non-execs on your board, but at a fraction of the price. 
  7. You have both regular group meetings and one-to-one sessions with the group facilitator. 
  8. You maintain a link with the network centred around the BGP and Cranfield. There are 25+ years' worth of expertise at your disposal.
  9. You can cease to be a member whenever you wish. There are no restrictive conditions. 
  10. We are great value, as attested by our continuing growth and our loyal membership.

To discuss joining one of the regional BGP Advisory Boards or to find out where your nearest one is located, please contact Wendy Lewis.



"I am indebted to Cranfield’s post BGP training events for supporting me throughout a torrid time where we lost a major customer which accounted for 40% of our business overnight.  We needed to quickly reinvent ourselves and transform our marketing in order to survive. Two years later we are still here and massively stronger – with a far wider customer base with innovatively marketed offerings setting us apart from our rivals. The support, advice and criticism have helped me forge a stronger business model and face up to some key issues.  It has also sustained the BGP experience far longer than if I had just attended the Cranfield cohort session, presented my Business Plan and left."  
Guy Chatburn, MD, Send Marketing 

"Attending BGP proved to be a 'game changer' for Cirrus. However, it was clear that developing and presenting the business plan was one thing; actually implementing it in real life was another.  The regional leaders training and workshop events force you to focus on working on your business rather than in it, in a very supportive environment. The mentoring during BGP is taken to another level, becoming much more personal and hands on. I can't recommend the BGP Advisory Board highly enough. They are the perfect follow on to BGP - the journey has only just begun!" 
Daren Wallis, MD, Cirrus Research plc