Running an SME can be very challenging. The failure rate of SME businesses is high, with few surviving past the first five years. Managing cash flow, finding new business and funding growth are just some of the challenges owner managers need to deal with on a daily basis.

In addition to addressing these business challenges, owner managers are unique in that there is a special set of personal and inter-personal challenges they face. Running an SME can be a lonely and stressful place to be. With the daily pressures and responsibilities, it’s no wonder that owner managers sometimes lose the passion for their business.

When looking to grow the business, owner managers who have little or no business training can be left unsure of what actions they need to take to achieve their vision, yet the responsibility lies on their shoulders to deliver.

What you will achieve

The programmes are not limited to teaching frameworks, concepts and best practice, but are focused on how to apply them to your own business, concentrating on the precise areas of knowledge and ability needed to grow your SME.

SMEs pose unique business and personal challenges, so while having broad knowledge of the various component disciplines of business management is helpful, knowing how to apply them within an SME context to drive business growth is a skill in itself.

The portfolio supports owner managers in developing the core skills needed to effectively manage all areas of the business, and develops key members of the team in their specific functions.