Welcome to Tranquilium Valley

Visit one of the many community sites that provide free annual wellness programmes for all citizens, recommended to prevent returning to a materialistic mindset. Instead, focussing on a mindful journey connecting to nature and your community. Empathy for yourself and others is the key to true growth in life. Access our specialist team of spiritual surgeons, who use new technologies to connect body, mind, and soul.

The government decided that the population needed an overhaul of societal habits and how much we invest in taking care of ourselves. So, to help encourage this they funded over 1000 sites across Europe and the UK where this is at the forefront of their goals and ambitions.

How do you feel about having a ‘spiritual surgeon’ carry out an annual medical on you (20 years+) to help you get onto a more centred path?

  • Is this a world you could imagine living in?
  • What do you like about it?
  • What could be a problem with achieving a net-zero world in this way?

The Cranfield University concept of Tranquilium Valley is inspired by the future scenarios developed by Scotland’s Climate Assembly.

Scotland’s Climate Assembly created the story of a society in 2045, that has pursued an approach to decarbonisation led by an expansion in human consciousness and compassionate values - calling it 'Community Collaboration.' This is the future in which we imagine Tranquilium Valley may exist in 2050.

You can watch Scotland Climate Assembly’s ‘Collaborative Communities’ imagined future here:

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