Welcome to Post-Extinction Park

Following the Great Extinction, you never thought you’d see anything like this! Sponsored by global innovators Unlimited Nature™, you can hike across artificially created alpine snow and tropical rainforests in one visit. Encounter the wonders of modern biotechnology: from synthetically grown slugs that neutralise acidic soil to colourful, painted leaves that trap airborne pollutants. View holograms of extinct species in their natural habitat.

We have the technology to create living breathing creatures in this world but around the year 2040, with the birth of our first woolly mammoth, the UN decided it was unethical to synthetically reproduce animals and banned the genetically enhanced programme. Unlimited Nature used this opportunity to invest in technology to create enhanced holographic across all five senses, an experience for our guests to enjoy up close and personal!

  • Is this a world you could imagine living in?
  • What do you like about it?
  • What could be a problem with achieving a net-zero world in this way?

The Cranfield University concept of the Post-Extinction Park is inspired by the future scenarios developed by Scotland’s Climate Assembly.

Scotland’s Climate Assembly created the story of a society in 2045, that has pursued an approach to decarbonisation led by technological innovation and market growth - calling it 'Techno-optimism'. This is the future in which we imagine a Post-Extinction Park may exist in 2050.

You can watch Scotland Climate Assembly’s 'Techno-optimism’ imagined future here:

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