Welcome to Craft-Protein Fest 2050

Feast on a feat of gourmet culinary expertise using with the latest protein options. Everything is fully circular and grown either using technologically advanced farming methods or synthetically grown in the local bio-engineered food plant. Crafted with care by local chefs, biologists, engineers, and farmers - this is the ultimate way to eat where you live. If you are still adapting your diet to include more craft-protein, you can join interactive culinary workshops with local experts to make craft-protein part of your weekly meal plan. Taste 50 different variations of chili crickets and acid ants, discovering the cultures behind them along the way.

This fully circular world that has emerged places zero-wasteful behaviours as its core principle. Our society is now fully communal and locally orientated, and we no longer travel the world to discover new physical experiences, instead choosing to remain in our local areas and use technology for new experiences. All our resources are rationed but everyone goes without thanks to our well-run local governance.

  • Is this a world you could imagine living in?
  • What do you like about it?
  • What could be a problem with achieving a net-zero world in this way?

The Cranfield University concept of Craft-Protein Fest is inspired by the future scenarios developed by Scotland’s Climate Assembly.

Scotland’s Climate Assembly created the story of a society in 2045, that has pursued an approach to decarbonisation led by municipal governments, managing designated bioregions – calling it ‘Civic Provision & Regulation. This is the future in which we imagine an annual Craft-Protein Fest may exist in 2050.

You can watch Scotland Climate Assembly’s ‘Civic Provision & Regulation’ imagined future here:

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We aim to populate these pages with more interactive content to help build on these ideas of possible decarbonised futures and the different routes to get there. If you are interested in the development of this game and wish to receive updates and learn how to get involved in this project, please register below.

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