Welcome to the Court of Common Rights

Discover the seat of global democracy in a behind-the-scenes tour. Listen in on cases referred to the court by the co-operative self-surveillance systems assessing the basic rights of all living things including, but not exclusive to, humans, other sentient creatures, and ecosystems.

By 2050 it was decided a more transparent insight into how society is governed was needed to increase public engagement and societies agency to be intrinsically involved in how decisions are made, and laws created.

  • Is this a world you could imagine living in?
  • What do you like about it?
  • What could be a problem with achieving a net-zero world in this way?

The Cranfield University concept of Court of Common Rights is inspired by the future scenarios developed by Scotland’s Climate Assembly.

Scotland’s Climate Assembly created the story of a society in 2045, that has pursued an approach to decarbonisation led by the transformation of global governance and democratic systems - calling it 'Climate Mobilisation’. This is the future in which we imagine the Court of Common Rights may exist in 2050.

You can watch Scotland Climate Assembly’s 'Climate Mobilisation Scenario’ imagined future here:

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